Cuckoo Rice Cooker Review

Cuckoo Rice Cooker Review

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In recent months we have had a look at a wide range of rice cookers which included many Chinese models, and even one or two Japanese models. Now it is time to look at a Korean rice cooker from one of most popular manufacturers in Korea – the Cuckoo Rice Cooker. This model is more in line with the more expensive Japanese models, but is it worth the substantial additional costs? Lets have a look at that below.

Product Features:
Having been formed over 35 years ago way back in 1978, Cuckoo has been one of the leading manufacturers of rice cooker in the Korean market. Their models have been refined over the past few decades, and today we are going to check out one of their premium models, the Cuckoo CRP-HW. This is a 10 cup rice maker, and it has so many features and functions that we don’t really know where to begin listing them.
Firstly lets have a look at the design of the model, and then we will try to list some of the numerous features this model has. This model comes in red and black (as seen in the picture on this page), and stainless steel and black. Both color schemes are really nice in our opinion, so picking between them is quite a tough choice.  This unit is quite large in size, even compared to other 10 cup rice makers. The dimensions are 18″ H, 13.5″ W & 13″ L, and the weight is a rather hefty 18lbs. The unit feels very solid and well built, and you get the feeling that it is built to last a lifetime.  The design is very sleek, and there are no sharp edges or contours, everything seamlessly flows together. The designers have certainly done a great job of making a superb looking machine, so lets hope the performance will match the effort gone into designing it.

This is a pressure rice cooker, and is the first one we are going to review. These are supposedly the best kind of rice cookers you can get, but that remains to be seen. The model is heated by using induction technology, which makes for a cheaper and more efficient cooking experience. The inner cooking pot is coated with a “Black Shine Coating” and is known as a  “Diamond Shield Pot”. It all sounds like fancy marketing to be honest, but it does claim to make for a very tough and durable inner cooking pot. An interesting inclusion on this Cuckoo Rice cooker is the voice guidance system, which comes with an English voice. This voice guidance will relay various information about the cooking process as it occurs, including letting you know when the cooking has begun, and when it is done. It is definitely a nice little touch, and adds a bit of a personal touch compared to the average rice cooker. The sound levels can all be adjusted, so there is no need to worry about waking anyone up in the middle of the night when you rice is done cooking! The warm function contains a 3D warming system, which essentially means the rice is warmed at the bottom, top and sides. This sounds like a far better way to keep the rice warm, as most cheaper models simply heat it up from the bottom which can lead to burnt or dried rice at the bottom.

The built in timer is pretty decent, as you can set the exact time you want the rice to be finished. Once the rice is done, it will switch over to the Keep Warm mode which will keep the rice warm for up to 12 hours. Aside from that there are all kinds of various settings and options to pick from. You can choose how sticky you want your rice, or how soft you want it. There are also options for turbo cooking the rice, and there is an Autoclean steam function. The machine uses what is called a Smart Algorithm to detect how your rice is cooking, so you get perfect results every time. We could go on and on about the various other features available, but we would be here all day! So lets move onto how the unit actually performed.
First up we tested 3 cups of white rice, as a very basic test. We left all the options as default, and let the Cuckoo rice cooker do the rest of the work. The rice cooker quite audibly let us know when the cooking had started, and around 20 minutes later it lets us know the rice was done. Give it a quick taste test, we were very impressed with the fluffiness and texture of the rice. It tasted fantastic, and clearly white rice is no match for this machine. The next day we tested out some brown rice, as the machine has a setting for this. 3 cups was the quantity we decided on, and around 40 minutes later we were left to sample the goods. Like the white rice we tested the day before, the end results were perfect. It was thoroughly cooked and we would struggle to find the difference between the rice the Cuckoo produced and restaurant quality rice. Next up we made 5 cups of brown rice, and then we left it to sit for 6 hours to see how the 3D Keep Warm function worked. The good news is that after 6 hours, the rice was evenly heated throughout, and there was no sign of any burnt rice or dried out rice in the bottom.

We noticed the machine had a turbo mode, so we gave that a quick test run with two cups of white rice. In around 15 minutes the machine let us know the rice was done, and we gave the rice a taste. To be honest we could not tell the difference between this rice and the other rice from our tests, so the Turbo mode seems to work quite nicely. To mix things up a bit, we decided to test some Quinoa in the machine to see how it would cope with that. 3 cups is what we decided to test, and in a short while the Cuckoo proudly announced that the cooking process was done. The Quinoa had come out beautifully, and tasted even better than it looked. Over the next week we continued to test out a range of other recipes, all with very similar results. This machine may possibly be one of the most expensive rice cookers you can get, but there is no doubt why that is. It cooks everything to perfect, and the variety of adjustments you can make on the machine really will help you to make that perfect tailor made rice for your taste. Is it worth the price however? That depends on one or two things. Do you eat rice every day? If you answered yes to that question, then the Cuckoo CRP-HW will undoubtably serve you well for many years. If you only have the odd meal of rice once a week, then you should rather look at getting one of the more economical rice cookers. This machine is designed for folks who love their rice, and it will certainly manages to satisfy that demand with ease.


  • Looks fantastic
  • Large 10 cup capacity
  • Huge variety of features and settings
  • Keep Warm function works well
  • Turbo Mode cooks rice fast
  • Delay timer allows you to set the exact time
  • Voice notifications
  • Perfect rice every time


  • Bit bulky
  • Quite pricey

The Cuckoo rice cooker is certainly the most advanced cooker we have tested so far. The features and results of this cooker spoke for itself, and we would strongly recommend it to all the rice enthusiasts out there. With a recommended retail price of $475, it is quite expensive however. But if you cook rice everyday, this may be the last rice cooker you ever have to buy. You can check the current pricing and availability on Amazon over here.

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